Wisdom Teeth and Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth & Teeth Extraction

At Dental Confidence, we have a specialist oral surgeon who performs wisdom teeth extractions both under local anesthetic in the chair, or under general anesthetic in a local private hospital setting.

Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to emerge, generally appearing throughout the late teens or early twenties. Predominantly they emerge correctly with no complications, though occasionally they can cause problems and discomfort, requiring their extraction.

Primarily these complications occur when the tooth or teeth grow into other teeth causing crowding and pain. This is known as having impacted wisdom teeth. Problems can also arise when the teeth erupt at different speeds or only partially erupt. This leaves a pocket of gum tissue exposed and susceptible to recurrent infection.

The most effective treatment option for these issues is the necessary teeth’s extraction. This is a common procedure which our experienced staff can perform with minimal discomfort. Our dentists can remove one to four of the teeth under local anaesthetic within our practice or under general anaesthetic at the local hospital depending on the severity of the problems and the feelings of the patient.

Generally only taking a few days the recovery period involves rest and the avoiding of hard foods, alcohol and hot drinks. Some swelling and minor bleeding is completely normal and will subside quickly.